Ron Newmyer, Musician/Producer/Concert Organizer

Listen to the show here.

Musician, Producer and Concert organizer Ron Newmyer is a big proponent of promoting local musicians. Under the auspices of Bandhouse Gigs, which celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2024, Ron and others organize two tribute concerts a year that promote area musicians by putting on multi-artist events honoring an artist we all love. From Nils Lofgren to Bob Dylan to Woodstock, to this year’s concerts focused on Fountains of Wayne and Tom Petty. Ron also founded Newmyer Flyer which on a smaller scale hosts local performers doing different types of tributes which will include the Beatles, LA artists/musicians and the songs of Burt Bacharach. And how interesting to hear about his start playing with Nils Lofgren and touring all over the world with him.

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