2019 Podcast/Radio Shows


Beth Amann, Managing Director, Monumental Theatre Company

Susan Keady, Artistic Director and Sara Duke, Executive Director, Encore Stage and Studio

Sam Nystrom, Director and Becca Cooley, Actress from “Heathers: The Musical, Dominion Stage

Jennifer Galloway, Founder, Wolcott Hill Group (Fundraising Consultants)

Violist Uri Wassertzug, National Chamber Ensemble

Graham Dunn and Andrew Bashuk, Observation Deck, CEB Tower in Rosslyn

Matt de Ferranti, Arlington County Board

Helen Chamberlin, Bowen McCauley Dance Company

Director Jim Kirchenbauer and Co-President Mel Johnson, Arlington Concert Band

DeMone Seraphin, Director, Avant Bard

Jason Tamborini, Founder, Prologue Theatre

Jennifer Owens, Executive Director, Arlington Community Foundation

Ingrid Morroy, “The Constituents” Band

Amy Austin, Theatre Washington

Constance Walsh, BalletNova

Jane Franklin, Jane Franklin Dance

Leo Sushansky, National Chamber Ensemble

Daniel Manzoni, Festival Argentino

Tina Leone, Ballston BID

Tracy Gabriel, Crystal City BID

Sara Barker, WSC Avant Bard

Sara Duke, Encore Stage & Studio

Don Zientara, Inner Ear Studio

Kelly Crandall d’Amboise, Signature Theatre

Megan Beyer, Arts Advocate

Caroline Dubberly and Christian Montgomery, Monumental Theatre

Bob Wood, UrbanArias

Rachel Hynes, The Welders

Jason Najjoum, Synetic Theater

Cliff Brody, National Performing Arts Funding Exchange (NPAFE)

Erik Gutshall, Arlington County Board Member

Katherine Young, Poet

Meaghan Kent, Cody Gallery, Marymount University

Mark Meadows, Musician/Actor/Composer

Blair Murphy, Arlington Arts Center

Lauren Feliz-Durishin, Mother 2 Mother (M2M)

Melanie Kehoss and David Carlson, Visual Artists

Madaline Langston, Encore Stage & Studio

Vera Danchenko Stern, Russian Chamber Art Society

Kim Klingler, Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization (CPRO)

Cathy Hix and Mark Benbow, Arlington Historical Society

Judy Lewis and AJ Campbell, Dominion Stage

Miriam Miller and David Ryan, Opera Nova

Matthew Powell, Ballet Nova

Elizabeth O’Hara Stahr, Crescendo Youth Chamber Music Program

Katie McCreary and Nigel Rowe, Educational Theatre Company

Leo Sushansky, National Chamber Ensemble

Chris Urquiaga, Pianist/Singer/Composer

Patrick Flynn, Playwright/Podcaster

Mark Habeeb and Mary Hynes, Virginia Humanities

Maria Manuela Goyanes, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company






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