2018 Radio Shows


Nucky Walder and Marcela Ferlito Walder, Teatro de la Luna

Sara Duke, Executive Director, Encore Stage and Studio

Ashley Hammond, Managing Director, Educational Theater Company

Sterling Beard, Social Media Director, Arlington Players

Robbie Schaefer, Musician, Eddie from Ohio

Scott Wood, Conductor and Music Director, Arlington Philharmonic

Jane Chu, Former Chair, National Endowment for the Arts

Becky Sanders, Director, Women’s Ecumenical Choir

Donna Betts, Immediate Past President, American Art Therapy Association

Nicole Hertvik and Darby DeJarnette, DC Metro Theater Arts

Richard Washer, Playwright

David Carlson, Visual Artist

Bob Wood, Artistic Director, UrbanArias

Clare Shaffer, Director and Erin Branigan, Actor, The Arlington Players

Katie Cristol, Arlington County Board Chair

Gary Marco, Director, Cambodian American Heritage Dance Troupe

Keith Cassidy, Actor and Larry Grey, Stage Manager, Dominion Stage

Daniel Manzoni, Director, Festival Argentino

Nick Kramp, Actor and John Newman, Director of Marketing, Artstream

Don Mike Mendoza, Co-Founder, La Ti Do and Nicole Hertvik, Publisher, DC Metro Theater Arts

Naomi Jacobson, Regional Actress

Ray Ficca, President, National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts

Helen Chamberlin, Executive Director, Bowen McCauley Dance Company

Cynthia Connolly, Curator, Arlington County

Carol Cadby, Theater Teacher and Actress

Joshua Morgan, Stage Actor

Sandi Parker, Visual Artist

Lynn Veronneau and Ken Avis, VERONNEAU Band

Christian Dorsey, Arlington County Board Vice Chair

d’Andre Willis, Architect, HGA

Tina Leone, CEO, Ballston BID

Todd Daniel, Lead Vocalist and Mark Bower, Guitar/Accordion Player, The Walkaways Band

Mary Anne Schnider and Marty Schnider, Fred Schnider Investment Group/Fred Schnider Gallery of Art

Katherine Horrigan and Arturo Garcia, Co-Directors, Company Danzante

Brianna Goode, Actor and Matt Bannister, Director, Dominion Stage

Mike Katrivanos, Owner, New District Brewing Company

Anjali Hemphill, DC5 News Reporter

Nancy Murphy, Founder, CSR Communications

Bill Hopkins and Michael Burke, Anderson-Hopkins Excellence in Theater Arts Award

Marc Robarge, Visual Artist

Jane Franklin, Founder, Jane Franklin Dance

Jane Horwitz, Theater Reviewer

Ashley Hammond and Katie McCreary, Educational Theatre Company

Blair Murphy, Curator, Arlington Arts Center

Mary Hynes, Bassist, Two Blue Band

Cathy di Toro, Chief Empowerment Officer, Project HERA

Jennifer Marshall, Executive Director, This Is My Brave

Rachel Levitin, Host, “The Iota Chair”

Regina Aquino Smith, Regional Stage Actress

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