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Each Tuesday afternoon, Janet Kopenhaver airs a new “Embracing Arlington Arts Talks” podcast. Each show features an Arts organization representative, visual artist, arts expert, dancer, musician, actor and everyone in between to talk about their profession, productions, events, economic and health benefits of the arts, and many other topics. We also have, and will continue to feature several dignitaries on the show, including northern Virginia’s “First Lady” Megan Beyer, former NEA Chair Jane Chu, and Arlington County Board Members Katie Cristol, Christian Dorsey, and Matt de Ferranti.

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AND check out our education series – see details below.

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AND Check out our Theater/Arts Management Education Series:

Embracing Arlington Arts will be producing several Theater/Arts Management Education podcast series that will feature the experts in the industry who will impart wisdom, offer advice and offer best practices for this career. The goal is to provide insight to those pursuing and interested in an arts management or theater career. This show is a component of our weekly podcast “Embracing Arlington Arts Talks” which highlights artists, dancers, directors, dignitaries and everyone in between each week.

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Emmett Till Trilogy and Racial Justice – Theaters Keeping the Conversation Going – A Podcast Education Series (Just Released!)

Health Benefits of the Arts Series

Diversity and Cultural Equity Series

Artistic Director Series

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