Pro Bono/In-Kind Expertise Available

There are experts who are willing to share their expertise during this disaster time, such as Strategic Planners, fundraisers, marketing personnel, etc.

The Founder and President of the Wolcott Hill Groupa fundraising consultancy based in Northern Virginia – Jennifer Galloway presented a wealth of information on fundraising during these pandemic times during a recent ZOOM call with arts organization representatives. There is a lot packed in her presentation found here:

Formerly the President of the Kennedy Center, Mr. Michael Kaiser (see bio) and then who created the DeVos Institute of Arts Management joined Embracing Arlington Arts on their latest ZOOM call.  For background, he had previously been interviewed for two Washington Post articles about the future of the arts/theater and their ability to weather the storm featured Mr. Kaiser: “Arts Groups in Distress Call on a Former Kennedy Center President for Help” and “The Virus Has Arts Groups Hanging by a Thread. Michael Kaiser Has Ideas about Saving Them.”

Mr. Kaiser has been in the industry for several decades and is a leading expert in helping arts organizations overcome seemingly insurmountable conditions. He offered much insight, expertise and advice during this one-hour call.

Richard Brewster, the Founder and President of the strategic planning company Nonprofit Leadership, made a presentation on a recent ZOOM call about scenario planning during this pandemic with critical scenario exercises using three assumptions about the shutdown. He also presented extremely useful budgeting tools/spreadsheets for nonprofit arts organizations to prepare financial statements during this time of uncertainty. Here are links to his presentation (with different scenario exercises), and two budgeting spreadsheets.

Richard Brewster Scenario Planning Presentation

NFF Scenario Budgeting Template_0


The Center for Nonprofit Strategy and Management, prepared a checklist to help organizations during these unprecedented circumstances to take in key areas, such as assessing strengths and weaknesses, and strategies to adopt to help them survive and be sustainable. We believe that the worst threats of Covid-19 will last many months and that full recovery for charities will take at least five years.

The IT Manager for the Smithsonian Kathleen McSweeney updated arts organizations on the many technology options available for presenting online, conducting meetings, keeping up with staff and generally keeping in contact. She also gave some pros and cons about some of these programs in this powerpoint presentation.


Nancy Murphy, Founder of the strategic planning company CSR Communications made a presentation to arts organizations about managing organizations during a crisis. Here is the marketing tool she shared.

StrategyQuickStart321_2020 (002)


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