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2023 Shows:

Justin Weaks, Actor

Casey Kaleba, Fight Director

Elena Velasco, NextStop Theatre

Alex Levy, 1st Stage

Shanara Gabrielle and Christopher Michael Richardson, Theatre Washington

Dani Guy and Cam Shegogue, Dominion Stage

Raymond Caldwell, Theater Alliance

Stefan Sittig, Choreographer/Fight Director/and More

Ethan Heard, Signature Theatre

Ben Cunis, Synetic Theater

AJ Campbell and Ward Kay, NOVA Nightsky Theater

Bill Largess and Alan Wade, Washington Stage Guild

Maggie Wilder, District Theatre

Donald Vierimaa, Producer, “The Twenties: Remembering Bix Beiderbecke”

Matthew Randall and Heather Plank, Dominion Stage

2022 Shows:

Olivia Hairfield and Nick Friedlander, The Arlington Players

Evan Hoffmann, NextStop Theatre Company

Ashley Hammond and Katie McCreary, Educational Theatre Company

Iyona Blake, Actor/Playwright/Podcaster

Karen Lange, Pinky Swear Productions

Susan Galbraith and Ronald “Trey” Walton, Alliance for New Music Theatre

Carol Cadby, Actor/Educator/Director

Kevin Sockwell and Matthew Dohm, Dominion Stage

Nicole Hertvik, DC Metro Theater Arts

Peggy McKowen, Contemporary American Theater Festival (CATF)

Tyler Dobies, Monumental Theatre Company

Rex Daugherty, Solas Nua

Michael Page and Lindsey Capuno, Dominion Stage

Greg Geffrard, Signature Theatre

Reginald Douglas, Mosaic Theater Company

Ifa Bayeza, Playwright, “Emmett Till Trilogy”

Talvin Wilks, Director, “Emmett Till Trilogy”

Reginald Douglas, Mosaic Theater Company (“Emmett Till Trilogy”)

Antonio Michael Woodard, Actor, “Emmett Till Trilogy”

Rikki Howie, Director and Mack Leamon, Actor, Dominion Stage

Sara Barker, Avant Bard Theatre

2021 Shows:

Actor Judy Lewis and Stage Manager Shayne Gardner, Dominion Stage

Anne-Carolyn Bird, UrbanArias

Jose Sacin, Opera Nova

AJ Campbell and Cameron Lee Conlan, The Quarantine Players

Pianist and Music Conductor Leigh Delano and Actor Wyn Delano

Quill Nebeker, The Arcanists

Natalie Cutcher, National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts

Jason Najjoum and J.P. McLaurin, Synetic Theater

Sara Barker and Demone Seraphin, Avant Bard Theatre Company

Maria Manuela Goyanes, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

Alyssa Sanders and Megan Behm, Avant Bard Theatre Company

Dina Soltan, Avant Bard Theatre Company

Regina Aquino, Actor/Director/Playwright

Eleanore Tapscott and Simone Jackson-Charles, Dominion Stage

Shanara Gabrielle and Jorge Acevedo, Working in DC

Director Alden Michels and Music Director Paige Rammelkamp

Actor and Director Holly Twyford

Scott Brown, Synetic Theater

Matthew Gardiner, Signature Theatre

Danielle Guy, Dominion Stage

Bob Wood and Anne-Carolyn Bird, Urban Arias

2020 Shows:

Eric Schaeffer, Signature Theatre

Bob Wood, UrbanArias

Ashley Amidon, Director and Mel Gumina, Actor, The Arlington Players

Molly Smith, Arena Stage

Ryan Rilette, Round House Theatre

Chil Kong, Adventure Theatre

Patrick McGee, Encore Stage & Studio

Adelina Mitchell and Topher Williams, Actors, Monumental Theatre Company

Francesca Chilcote and Ashley Hammond, Educational Theatre Company

Matthew Randall, Dominion Stage and Mary Beth Smith-Toomey, Port City Playhouse

Tom Prewitt, Avant Bard Theatre

Elena Velasco, Convergence Theater

Sara Duke, Encore Stage & Studio

Stan Kang, Educational Theatre Company

Amelia Nickles, Acting with Amelia

Beth Amann, Monumental Theatre Company

Molly Smith, Arena Stage

Deb Sivigny, Scenic and Costume Designer

Jason Tamborini, Prologue Theatre

Raymond Caldwell, Theater Alliance

Laura Connors Hull, Creative Cauldron

Alex Levy, 1st Stage

Maggie Boland, Signature Theatre

Adam Immerwahr and Jojo Ruf, Theater J

Lisa Richards Toney, Association of Performing Arts Professionals

Frank Britton, Actor

“What Is Love Actually” Podcast

2019 Shows:

Beth Amann, Managing Director, Monumental Theatre Company

Susan Keady, Artistic Director and Sara Duke, Executive Director, Encore Stage and Studio

Sam Nystrom, Director and Becca Cooley, Actress from “Heathers: The Musical, Dominion Stage

DeMone Seraphin, Director, Avant Bard

Jason Tamborini, Founder, Prologue Theatre

Amy Austin, Theatre Washington

Sara Barker, WSC Avant Bard

Sara Duke, Encore Stage & Studio

Kelly Crandall d’Amboise, Signature Theatre

Caroline Dubberly and Christian Montgomery, Monumental Theatre

Rachel Hynes, The Welders

Jason Najjoum, Synetic Theater

Madaline Langston, Encore Stage & Studio

Judy Lewis and AJ Campbell, Dominion Stage

Katie McCreary and Nigel Rowe, Educational Theatre Company

Patrick Flynn, Playwright/Podcaster

Maria Manuela Goyanes, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

2018 Shows:

Nucky Walder and Marcela Ferlito Walder, Teatro de la Luna

Sara Duke, Executive Director, Encore Stage and Studio

Ashley Hammond, Managing Director, Educational Theater Company

Sterling Beard, Social Media Director, Arlington Players

Nicole Hertvik and Darby DeJarnette, DC Metro Theater Arts

Richard Washer, Playwright

Clare Shaffer, Director and Erin Branigan, Actor, The Arlington Players

Keith Cassidy, Actor and Larry Grey, Stage Manager, Dominion Stage

Nick Kramp, Actor and John Newman, Director of Marketing, Artstream

Don Mike Mendoza, Co-Founder, La Ti Do and Nicole Hertvik, Publisher, DC Metro Theater Arts

Naomi Jacobson, Regional Actress

Ray Ficca, President, National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts

Carol Cadby, Theater Teacher and Actress

Joshua Morgan, Stage Actor

Brianna Goode, Actor and Matt Bannister, Director, Dominion Stage

Bill Hopkins and Michael Burke, Anderson-Hopkins Excellence in Theater Arts Award

Jane Horwitz, Theater Reviewer

Ashley Hammond and Katie McCreary, Educational Theatre Company

Regina Aquino Smith, Regional Stage Actress

2017 Shows:

Maggie Boland, Managing Director, Signature Theatre

Jennifer Lyman, Vice President, and Michael Fisher, Actor, Dominion Stage

Sara Duke, Executive Director, Encore Stage and Studio

Alex Mills and Kathy Gordon, Actors, Synetic Theater

Tom Prewitt, Artistic Director, WSC Avant Bard

Elizabeth Kitsos Kang, Educational Theater Company

Justin Jarod Bell, Sharisse Taylor, Raven Wilkes, Actors, Synetic Theater

David Siegel and John Stoltenberg, Theater Reviewers, DC Metro Theater Arts

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