October 2021 Update


September was an extremely busy month for Embracing Arlington, with the launch of our “one-stop” library of research links on the health benefits of the arts on several community sectors, the release of our third Educational Podcast Series featuring three distinguished researchers in the arts and health benefits field to our “Diversity Chat with Michael Bobbitt.” We also are conducing our annual fundraising and corporate sponsorship drive during this National Arts and Humanities Month of October. Read on for all the details and more!   

2021 Arlington Arts Groups Performances and Events

Calendar of Live Events (Subject to Change)

October – December

9/1-12/4 – “Magnifica,” Cody Gallery, Info here.

10/1-10/30 – “Water” Solo Exhibition by Barry Barnett Keith, Gallery Underground, Info here.

9/4-10/23 – “Photographs 2016-2021,” by Roberto Bocci, Fred Schnider Gallery of Art, Info here.

10/1-10/30 – “Water” Solo Exhibition by Barry Barnett Keith, Gallery Underground, Info here.

10/8 – Scripts in Play Festival, Avant Bard Theatre Company, Gunston Arts Center, Info here.

10/10 – Scripts in Play Festival, Avant Bard Theatre Company, Gunston Arts Center, Info here.

10/11-10/31 – “The Madness of Poe,” Synetic Theater, Tickets here.

10/22 – Scripts in Play Festival, Avant Bard Theatre Company, Gunston Arts Center, Info here.

10/24 – Scripts in Play Festival, Avant Bard Theatre Company, Gunston Arts Center, Info here.

11/2-1/2/2022 – “Rent,” Signature Theatre, Info and tickets here.

11/5-11/20 – “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress,” Dominion Stage, Gunston Arts Center, Info here.

11/6 – “Enchanting Elgar, the English Romantic,” National Chamber Ensemble, Gunston Arts Center, Info and Tickets here.

11/19 – 9th Street Quartet in Concert, St. George’s Episcopal Church, Info here.

11/29-12/26 – “Cinderella,” Synetic Theater, Tickets here.

12/1 – 9th Street Quartet in Concert, St. George’s Episcopal Church, Info here.

12/1-12/19 – “How I Learned What I Learned,” Avant Bard Theatre Company, Gunston Arts Center, Info here.

12/11 – “What Sweeter Music Concert,” Arlington Chorale, Westover Baptist Church, Info here.

12/18 – “Holiday Cheer,” National Chamber Ensemble, Gunston Arts Center, Info and Tickets here.

To view the entire calendar, click here.

Embracing Arlington Arts Launches Health Benefits of the Arts Media Package

Embracing Arlington Arts is proud to release its Health Benefits of the Arts media package consisting of a three-part Educational Podcast Series featuring three researchers from George Mason University, as well as a one-stop library of 100 study links providing evidence of these benefits. The Embracing Arlington Arts Board of Directors wanted to create a one-stop library database with links to peer-reviewed studies on the health benefits of the arts in order to make it easier for those interested in learning more about this topic without having to search hundreds of different websites. The database is broken down into five community sectors (Medically Disabled, Physically Disabled, Seniors, Students/Children and Veterans), with five study links for each of the four art therapy genres (dance, music, theater/drama and visual arts). The database will be updated each year with new studies replacing those more than 5 years old.

The Educational Podcast series features three distinguished researchers in the field from George Mason University who updated us on the latest research and studies on the health benefits of the arts. Dr. Thalia Goldstein from George Mason University’s Applied Developmental Psychology Department has had years of experience examining the health benefits of the arts for children and students. Among some of the findings: students with arts in their curriculum have higher academic grades, better test scores, less absenteeism (which leads to decreased hunger), better social skills and more expertise in collaborative work than those students without the arts.

Dr. Niyati Dhokai, the Director of the Veterans and the Arts Initiative Program at George Mason University, expounded on the many benefits art therapies provide our nation’s military members. Among some of the observed impacts on Veterans receiving music and other art therapies were more feelings of relaxation and well-being, ability to talk more confidently, and providing a sense of safe space outside the rehab center.

Rounding out the podcast series was Dr. Jatin Ambegaonkar, the Associate Professor at GMU’s College of Education and Human Development who has conducted much research on dance and movement therapy, especially for seniors. Among the many benefits are allowing these older adults the opportunity to remain active members of this community physically, mentally and spiritually. Dance also helps with fall risks, better balance, and less depression.

“Diversity Chat with Michael Bobbitt” Audio and Power Point Presentation:

The Executive Director of Mass Cultural Council and Diversity leader Michael Bobbitt participated in an Embracing Arlington Arts led “Diversity Chat.” Covered were many topics including developing public action plans for achieving equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in your organizations, creating and empowering your EDI Committee, SMART philosophy, building an anti-racist culture, and much more. Lots of great insight and advice packed into this event. Many participants stated this was the best EDI presentation they had heard yet! Click here for the video; here is the power point presentation – Diversity Chat Presentation.

October Fundraising Drive to Expand Our Work:

October is National Arts and Humanities month and time for our annual fundraising campaign. The advocacy, marketing and outreach initiatives that we spearhead in order to achieve our mission of enhancing the vibrancy and health of arts and culture has become even more important during this COVID-19 pandemic. From our weekly podcasts giving artists and arts organizations a platform to keep visible to marketing to communications and our recent launch of our “Health Benefits of the Arts” media package and educational podcast series, our non-profit has been at the forefront of efforts to help the critical arts and theater industry. ALL funds raised during this campaign will go directly towards new and more enhanced initiatives to help all arts organizations. No amount it too small OR too large.

If you would like to support the work of Embracing Arlington Arts by making a donation, here’s how:
*  Make tax-deductible contributions online.
*  Tax-deductible contributions by check: check made out to Embracing Arlington Arts and send it to Embracing Arlington Arts, 754 North Vermont Street, Arlington, VA 22203 *  Make tax-deductible via Facebook.
*  Make Embracing Arlington Arts your AmazonSmile charity and shop with this link.

2022 Corporate Sponsorships Available Now:

At Embracing Arlington Arts, we readily acknowledge that we could not accomplish a fraction of what we do if not for individual donors/partners AND our generous corporate sponsors. As a result, we take our responsibility of highlighting and acknowledging our corporate sponsors every chance we get. From weekly “shout-outs” during the “Embracing Arlington Arts Talks” podcast (which recently hit the 10,000-download mark!), to prominent display on our website of your company’s logo, website and description to our “Corporate Sponsor of the Month” in this Update (that goes to 1,500+ readers) to numerous social media posting and public acknowledgement at every event or program we organize, our goal is to bring as much visibility to the work and services provided by our corporate sponsors as possible.

Our 2022 Corporate Sponsorship drive has begun and we ask that you consider investing in and supporting the arts and culture industry with a sponsorship while at the same time helping to fulfill your marketing and outreach goals! We time our “shout-outs” and spotlighting in the Update based on when YOU want them to occur to either help promote a new service, development at your company, event or anything else you want to highlight.

We offer several tiers of sponsorships to help meet any company’s budget. More info on sponsorship packages can be found here. Questions? Email janetk@embracing-arlington-arts.org or phone at 730-528-6674.

Corporate Sponsor of the Month:

Our corporate sponsor of the month is Amazon. Amazon’s mission is to be earth’s most customer-centric company. It is guided by four principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus; passion for invention; commitment to operational excellence; and long-term thinking. Customer review, 1-click shopping, personalized recommendations, Prime, fulfillment by Amazon, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire tablets, Fire TV, Amazon Echo and Alexa are some of the products and services pioneered by Amazon.

“Embracing Arlington Arts Talks” Podcast:
Our guests for September were superb and so very interesting. First, “Working in DC’s” Artistic Producer Shanara Gabrielle and Casting Director Jorge Acevedo joined us for a discussion about their organization which celebrates the working class and labor. We moved to the academic world for our following podcast which featured the Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts at George Mason University (GMU) Rick Davis who chatted with us about educational programs and careers in the arts.

Daniel Manzoni, Executive Director of the Festival Argentino, returned to the show to update us on the exciting details about this year’s Festival which had to be cancelled last year due to the pandemic. updated us with all the details about this upcoming event. We turned next to the theater world and sat down with Director Alden Michels and Music Director Paige Rammelkamp who gave us all the details about The Arlington Players’ upcoming event “Together At Last: A Musical Revue” being presented at Lubber Run.

We were so excited to have on the show for the first time the ward-winning actor and director Holly Twyford for a very entertaining chat about her return to the director’s chair with “Becoming Dr. Ruth” at Theater J, as well as her unique experience teaching 90+ year olds theater and what they taught her. Rounding out the month, we chatted with another director – Scott Brown, the associate director of Synetic Theater’s upcoming production of “The Madness of Poe.” Get all the scoop about their current production, some teasers about some unique props on set, how it felt being back on stage in person with cast and crew and what they have planned for a special celebration on Halloween. To listen to any of our interviews, follow this link.

Media Hits:
Arlington arts groups continued to take advantage of the ArlNow Community Post subscription that Embracing Arlington Arts recently supported for another year. The Arlington Visual Artist Studio Tour (AVAST) group was able to give all the details about their September event featuring 47 Arlington artists opening up their studios to visitors. The Arlington Concert Band used the opportunity to write about their upcoming and in-person fall season.


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