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2021 Shows:

Valeria Stewart and Kathleen Huber, Luna Duo

Leo Sushansky, National Chamber Ensemble

Mikael Manoukian, “Rug Shop Concerts”

2020 Shows:

Danielle Cho, Sound Impact

Jeanne Kelly, Encore Creativity for Older Adults

Jenny Bilfield, Washington Performing Arts

Ken Avis, Musician and Co-Producer, “Anacostia Delta”

2019 Shows:

Violist Uri Wassertzug, National Chamber Ensemble

Director Jim Kirchenbauer and Co-President Mel Johnson, Arlington Concert Band

Ingrid Morroy, “The Constituents” Band

Leo Sushansky, National Chamber Ensemble

Don Zientara, Inner Ear Studio

Bob Wood, UrbanArias

Mark Meadows, Musician/Actor/Composer

Lauren Feliz-Durishin, Mother 2 Mother (M2M)

Vera Danchenko Stern, Russian Chamber Art Society

Miriam Miller and David Ryan, Opera Nova

Elizabeth O’Hara Stahr, Crescendo Youth Chamber Music Program

Leo Sushansky, National Chamber Ensemble

Chris Urquiaga, Pianist/Singer/Composer

2018 Shows:

Robbie Schaefer, Musician, Eddie from Ohio

Scott Wood, Conductor and Music Director, Arlington Philharmonic

Becky Sanders, Director, Women’s Ecumenical Choir

Bob Wood, Artistic Director, UrbanArias

Lynn Veronneau and Ken Avis, VERONNEAU Band

Todd Daniel, Lead Vocalist and Mark Bower, Guitar/Accordion Player, The Walkaways Band

Mike Katrivanos, Owner, New District Brewing Company

Mary Hynes, Bassist, Two Blue Band

Cathy di Toro, Chief Empowerment Officer, Project HERA

Rachel Levitin, Host, “The Iota Chair”

2017 Shows:

Jackie Bottash, President, Potomac Harmony Chorus

Leo Sushansky, Artistic Director, National Chamber Ensemble

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