December 2018 Update

Basic RGBUpdate from Embracing Arlington Arts

Dear Arts Patrons, Aficionados and Supporters,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Certainly, the holidays are coming fast upon us. And we at Embracing Arlington Arts are finishing out the year doing lots of tasks to formalize our organization in the hopes of starting our proactive effort early next year to get a performing arts/live music venue built in Arlington. Read on for all the details.

Embracing Arlington Arts Organization:

After only 18 months of being founded, we are so excited to be taking steps to move Embracing Arlington Arts to the next level. Already approved are our Articles of Incorporation and we are about to submit our application for non-profit status as a stand-alone 501(c)3 organization. While our collaboration with Fractured Atlas was an effective first step, to accomplish what we want to accomplish, it was imperative to take move ahead under our own non-profit umbrella.

Once our application has been approved, we will be looking for people who are interested in serving on the Board of our exciting organization. If you are interested, or want to help out in other ways, please let me know. We welcome any help you can provide.

Finally, we are in the process of designing our website and expect to formally launch it in January 2019. Once it has launched, we would love your feedback on ways to improve and make it more user friendly and informative.

End of Year Request:

We know folks are getting inundated with end of year requests for donations. But we are hoping you have a little left over to donate to Embracing Arlington Arts, and therefore the arts community as a whole in Arlington. Specifically, we are raising funds to accomplish the following initiatives.

The first is to pay for the remaining lawyer fees for advising and helping us prepare our application for non-profit status. We also have several fees and registration costs associated with our application that we will need to pay.

Finally, we have heard from several arts organizations that have submitted Community Post columns published by ArlNow that they have seen some successes from that effort. Therefore, we are starting to raise funds to renew that subscription which greatly helps Arlington arts organizations spread the word about their upcoming events, productions and more.

If you would like to contribute, follow this link. And thank you!!

Media Hits/Community Posts:

Arlington Arts organizations continue to take advantage of our subscription to ArlNow to allow them to publish a Community Post column for free. Columns published in the last several weeks were Encore Stage and Studio (link to column), Signature Theatre (link) and the Arlington Artists Alliance (link). Stay tuned to the ArlNow Community Post column on December 17th when Embracing Arlington Arts will be discussing the serious lack of performing arts venues in Arlington.

Radio Show on WERA 96.7FM:

We welcomed so many diverse guests on the Embracing Arlington Arts radio show this past month. First, Jane Franklin, Founder of Jane Franklin Dance, returned to catch us up to date on her company’s very busy performance schedule for November. The following week freelance reviewer Jane Horwitz, one of our distinguished judges for our costume contest from the Celebration of the Arts in Arlington, chatted about changes in the theater, the reviewing world and so much more. The following week Ashley Hammond and Katie McCreary from the Educational Theatre Company (ETC) talked about the organization’s 20th Birthday celebrations.

We switched over to the visual arts arena with the Arlington Arts Center curator Blair Murphy who talked about their upcoming shows and the “art of curating.” Following that interview, it was so fun catching up with former County Board member Mary Hynes on how she has been enjoying retirement and her band “Two Blue.” Finally, we stayed in the music world the following week when Cathy di Toro, the Chief Empowerment Officer of Project HERA talked about her organization and how it helps women in the music field.

To listen to these interviews, or any others in the past, follow this link.

2018-2019 Arlington Arts Groups Performances and Events

December 2018

12/4-12/22        –      Motown: The Reprise, Cabaret Series, Signature Theatre

12/4-1/6            –      My Father’s Dragon, Synetic Theater

12/10                –      Play Reading, SigWorks, Signature Theatre

12/14                –      Reception, Arlington Artists’ Alliance, Gallery Clarendon

12/15                –      Holiday Time Warp, National Chamber Ensemble, UU Church

January 2019

1/4                   –      Reception, Arlington Artists’ Alliance, Gallery Underground

1/8-1/26          –       Judy Garland: A Star Is Born, Cabaret Series, Signature Theatre

1/11                –       Opening Reception, Arlington Artists’ Alliance, Gallery Clarendon

1/11-1/20       –       The Enchanted Bookshop, Encore Stage & Studio, Gunston I

1/11-1/26       –       Heathers: The Musical, Dominion Stage, Gunston II

1/23-3/10       –       Ain’t Misbehavin’, Signature Theatre

February 2019

2/1                  –      Opening Reception, Arlington Artists’ Alliance, Gallery Underground

2/2-2/17         –       Arsenic and Old Lace, Arlington Players, Thomas Jefferson Middle School

2/4                  –       Play Reading, SigWorks, Signature Theatre

2/4-2/24         –        Scripts in Play Festival, WSC Avant Bard, Gunston II

2/6-3/10         –        Cyrano de Bergerac, Synetic Theater

2/8                  –        Opening Reception, Arlington Artists’ Alliance, Gallery Clarendon

2/9                  –        The Romantics, National Chamber Ensemble, Gunston I

2/22-3/3         –        Robin Hood, Encore Stage & Studio, Gunston I

2/26-4/7         –        Masterpieces if the Oral and Intangible…, Signature Theatre

March 2019

3/1                 –         FReception, Arlington Artists’ Alliance, Gallery Underground

3/8                 –          Reception, Arlington Artists’ Alliance, Gallery Clarendon

3/9                 –          Fairfax Symphony Orchestra and Bowen McCauley Dance Co., Georgetown University’s Center for the Arts Concert Hall

3/16              –           MOVE ME Festival, Bowen McCauley Dance Co., Kenmore MS

3/14-4/14     –           Top Dog/Underdog, WSC Avant Bard, Gunston II

3/23             –            The Viennese Classics, National Chamber Ensemble, Gunston I

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