Media Hits – 2022

January 2022

ArlNow published a column we submitted sending acknowledgement and thanks out to our 2022 corporate sponsors.

ArlNow also published an article by Embracing Arlington Arts urging their readers to complete the organization’s survey on attending arts events. Over 150 did so after reading the article.

February 2022

The SunGazette interviewed Janet Kopenhaver, President of Embracing Arlington Arts, about how theaters are still being adversely impacted by the COVID pandemic.

DC Theater Arts wrote an article covering the 2021 Annual Report of Successes of Embracing Arlington Arts.

April 2022

The SunGazette published a story about the results of Embracing Arlington Arts survey regarding patrons’ thoughts on returning to in-person live events and the likelihood that they would attend a production at a newly built Performing Arts Center in Arlington.

June 2022

ArlNow included an OpEd column written by Janet Kopenhaver detailing numerous ways how patrons and residents can help local theaters return and thrive in a post-COVID world.

July 2022

Embracing Arlington Arts released its 2022 version of its one-stop library of study links on the “Health Benefits of the Arts.” Both ArlNow and BroadwayWorld covered the release.

August 2022

The SunGazette covered the release of the 2022 version of its one-stop library of study links on the “Health Benefits of the Arts.”

Also ArlNow did a cover story on our interview with the Founder of Inner Ear Studio Don Zientara.

September 2022

BroadwayWorld published an article about the Embracing Arlington Arts fourth “Theater/Arts Management Educational Podcast Series” entitled ““Emmett Till Trilogy and Racial Justice – Theaters Keeping the Conversation Going”.

October 2022

The SunGazette published a story about the release of our business plan for the Arlington Performing Arts Center. ArlNow also published an in-depth article on the business plan and initiative.

December 2022

ArlNow published the Embracing Arlington Arts annual holiday poem highlighting the arts, culture, theater and artists.

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