December 2019 Update


Dear Arts Patrons, Aficionados and Supporters,

Happy December and hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving. We at Embracing Arlington Arts are counting down to the end of 2019, but certainly not slacking in our mission to enhance the vibrancy and health of arts and culture in Arlington. Read on for highlights from November.

2019/2020 Arlington Arts Groups Performances and Events

December 2019

12/3-12/21         –              A Motown Christmas, Cabaret Series, Signature Theatre

12/3-12/29         –              Snow Queen, Synetic Theater

12/6                    –              Reception, Arlington Artists’ Alliance, Gallery Underground

12/6-12/15         –              CSI: Christmas Scene Investigators, Encore Stage & Studio, Gunston Arts Center

12/9                    –              Ay Gerald, SigWorks, Signature Theatre

12/12-12/13       –              The Boy Who Cried Wolf…For Real!, Educational Theatre Company, Glebe Elementary School

12/13                  –              Opening Reception, Arlington Artists’ Alliance, Gallery Clarendon

12/14                  –              Holiday Cheer, National Chamber Ensemble, UU Church of Arlington

January 2020

1/3                      –              Opening Reception, Arlington Artists’ Alliance, Gallery Underground

1/7-1/11             –              Frank Sinatra, Cabaret Series, Signature Theatre

1/10                    –              Opening Reception, Arlington Artists’ Alliance, Gallery Clarendon

1/10-1/19           –              Narnia, Encore Stage & Studio, Thomas Jefferson MS

1/18-3/28           –              Action Exhibit, Arlington Arts Center

1/18-3/28           –              Jung Min Park Solo Exhibition, Arlington Arts Center

1/25                    –              Border, Jane Franklin Dance Company, Theatre on the Run

1/25                    –              Forty+, Jane Franklin Dance, Theatre on the Run

1/28-2/23           –              Gun & Powder, Signature Theatre

1/31-2/15           –              Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson, Dominion Stage, Gunston II

February 2020

2/1                      –              Action, Opening Reception, Arlington Arts Center

2/1                      –              Border, Jane Franklin Dance Company, Theatre on the Run

2/1                      –              Dance Art Theater, Jane Franklin Dance Co., Theatre on the Run

2/1-2/16             –              A Daughter’s Daughter, Arlington Players, Thomas Jefferson MS

2/5-3/1               –              Phantom of the Opera, Synetic Theater

2/7                      –              Reception, Arlington Artists’ Alliance, Gallery Underground

2/8                      –              NextReflex Dance Collective, Jane Franklin Dance Company, Theatre on the Run

2/8                      –              Border, Jane Franklin Dance Company, Theatre on the Run

2/9                      –              Swingin’ Sweethearts Day, National Chamber Ensemble, Gunston Arts Center

2/14                    –              Opening Reception, Arlington Artists’ Alliance, Gallery Clarendon

2/18-3/29           –              Easy Women Smoking Loose Cigarettes, Signature Theatre

2/28-3/8             –              The Three Musketeers, Encore Stage & Studio, Thomas Jefferson Comm. Theatre

2/29                    –              Move Me Festival, Bowen McCauley Dance, Kenmore MS

To view the entire 2019-2020 Calendar of Events, click here.

Leadership Arlington Panelist:

The Embracing Arlington Arts President Janet Kopenhaver was asked to participate in the Leadership Arlington “Arts Panel.” The focus was specifically on who should be funding the arts – government, private sector, individuals or a combination of some kind. The panelists also touched upon the critical need for a quality flexible performing arts center, more funding for arts grants, the contribution the arts make to the local economy and how attendees could find out more about the numerous and diverse events that are held each day in Arlington. Janet urged the participants to check out the Embracing Arlington Arts comprehensive calendar of events on the organization’s website.

Corporate Sponsor of the Month:

Our corporate sponsor of the month is the Ballston BID. From the newly renovated Ballston Quarter to public art projects to a weekly farmers market to outdoor movie nights, and so much more, the Ballston BID is providing so much to Arlington residents in the form of arts and culture. They also organize two fantastic events during the year – the Ballston Quarterfest and the Best of Ballston awards. To keep abreast of all the happenings in Ballston, sign up for their newsletter and check out their website.

“Embracing Arlington Arts Talks “Podcast:

The podcasts in November hit on several different themes – dance, symphony and theater. First, we caught up with the new Artistic Director of BalletNova to talk about their perennial hit each December – “The Nutcracker.” We also learned about his vision for the company and other events and programs they are offering throughout the coming year.  Switching to music, we interviewed the Director of the Crescendo Youth Chamber Music Program (a division of the Arlington Philharmonic) Elizabeth O’Hara Stahr. She gave us the details about their upcoming concert, how our young musicians have evolved over the years in talent and passion, and how students get into the Crescendo program.

Turning next to theater – and specifically children’s theater – we had a very entertaining chat with Educational Theatre Company staffers Nigel Rowe and Katie McCreary about their main stage programs. Who knew our elementary school students were so talented – they write the plays, direct, build the sets, provide lyrics, act and everything in between in all of these productions.

To listen to these interviews, or any others in the past, follow this link.

Media Hits:

Our ArlNow Community Post subscription continued highlighting Arlington arts organizations. Specifically, Encore Stage & Studio published a column on their diverse and numerous summer camps offered to students of all ages. New columns are posted bi-monthly on Mondays. Stay tuned for the Embracing Arlington Arts annual holiday poem slated for publication on December 30. And yes, there might again be some references to our dearth of quality venues.

 2020 Goals/End of Year Fundraiser:

We are approaching the end of 2019 and our last donation request of the year! Because of our donors, we were able to achieve the following in 2019:

  • Launched our successful weekly podcast “Embracing Arlington Arts Talks” which in only 3 months reached over 400 listeners, and this list grows every week.
  • Spearheaded a grassroots campaign that succeeded in blocking draconian cuts proposed for the arts budget and saved several critical resources for our local theater organizations.
  • Acquire a bimonthly column subscription to ArlNow that allows our non-profit arts organizations to publish a column for free with the potential reach of 400,000 readers.
  • Brought visibility to our artists, arts organizations and arts professionals through media outreach, social media postings and participation in public events. GOAL: Double our media hits and visibility during 2020.
  • Kept over 800 arts patrons and supporters (and the number grows daily) abreast of issues, events, productions, openings, etc. happening in the local cultural arena.

But much more work needs to be done! Our 2020 goals include the following:

  • Increased marketing and exposure of our weekly podcast that in turn helps our artists and arts organizations spread the word about their events and productions.
  • Concrete work (i.e., professional production of background materials, fundraising/strategic planning consultancy, etc.) for our quality performing arts center initiative – an economic game changer for Arlington
  • Convening listening sessions and community planning events to produce a “Master Plan” for the arts in Arlington
  • Organization of workshops and networking sessions for non-profit arts organizations and art professionals
  • Monitor 2021 budget proposal and advocate for more funding for the arts grant budget
  • Renew our ArlNow Community Post subscription for 2020-2021

Please help us achieve these goals by contributing an end-of-year donation to Embracing Arlington Arts. Every dollar helps us help the arts in so many ways. Thank you in advance!

 If you would like to support the work Embracing Arlington Arts by making a donation, here’s how:
*  Make tax-deductible contributions online.
*  Tax-deductible contributions by check: check made out to Embracing Arlington Arts and sent to Embracing Arlington Arts, 754 North Vermont Street, Arlington, VA 22203


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