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Embracing Arlington Arts Releases Patron Arts Participation Survey Results

March 22, 2022: (Arlington, VA) – As a component of the business plan being drafted for a potential new performing arts center in Arlington, the non-profit organization Embracing Arlington Arts (EAA) conducted a survey of patrons’ participation in arts events in both pre- and post-COVID times. “We wanted to ascertain not only how often audience members would attend an in-person event this year, but also their likely patronage of a new venue in Arlington,” explained Janet Kopenhaver, the organization’s president. Over 220 responses were received representing mostly Arlingtonians, but also some from DC, Maryland and outside the DMV.

Overall, patrons overwhelmingly supported a new performing arts center in Arlington, with 87.4 percent of respondents saying they would “likely” or “very likely” attend performances there. In addition, over 45 percent indicated they would be attending at least a production monthly in 2022. (NOTE: The survey was conducted in February when pandemic cases were still running quite high.) “We would anticipate that if the survey was taken again today, this percentage would rise greatly,” clarified Kopenhaver. The survey also covered patrons’ attendance at online events, as well as the types of productions and art genres they most attend.

“One of the most interesting results from the survey was that almost 30 percent of the respondents were under the age of 50,” Kopenhaver stated. “This is good news since we usually recognize arts patrons as retirees,” she added. The hope is that the arts organizations are attracting younger patrons to their performances, and thus diversifying their audiences.

To view all the survey results, follow this link.

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