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Diversity Series Ad

Embracing Arlington Arts Offering Diversity and Cultural Equity Podcast Series This Fall

Cultural equity is consistently cited as a major problem in the theater industry. The recent “Black Lives Matter” protests and calls for theaters to put their “statements of support” into action has focused even more light on this issue. In order to help theaters achieve their goals of greater cultural equity and diversity, Embracing Arlington Arts will be offering an educational project for non-profit arts organizations and other arts professionals throughout the National Capitol Region on developing concrete steps to better serve artists of color – a MUST for the long-term viability of the arts sector.

The project begins this fall with the airing of a multi-episode podcast series featuring diversity experts and leading voices in the DMV on behalf of the black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) movement. (This series would be an addition to our “Arts/Theater Management Education Series”.)

BIPOC leaders will provide thoughts on critical changes needed to make the theater industry more equitable. Experts, including working practitioners, will respond by providing action items, case studies, tools, leadership initiatives, etc., to help arts organizations achieve more diversity in the audience, on stage, and in their board rooms.

While our goal is not to develop the “perfect plan”, we strive to have several options presented based on the experts’ presentations, conversations among the participants, and dialogue with minority stakeholders.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                  Contact: Janet Kopenhaver, 703-528-6674

Embracing Arlington Arts Launches “Theater/Arts Management Education”

Podcast Series; Artistic Director STEAM AHEAD Series First to Air

(Arlington, VA) – Embracing Arlington Arts is proud to announce the launch of a new one-of-a-kind podcast series – The Theater/Arts Management Education Series – as a component of the weekly Podcast show “Embracing Arlington Arts Talks.” “We know that many high schools and universities do not have tons of resource materials on the theater and arts management industries, and we want to help fill that gap so that these students are aware of the rewards and challenges of a career in the theater business,” stated the non-profit’s President Janet Kopenhaver.

The aim is to offer special topical series on Theater and Arts Management topics featuring experts in the industry in the DC region. This could include producing a show from start to finish, insight into marketing and social media best practices, roles and challenges of being a Managing Director, and so much more. Suggestions and requests for specific series will be solicited from students and young professionals in the industry.

The first series launched earlier this year: a 5-part “Artistic Director STEAM AHEAD” series featuring the Artistic Directors of the most successful theater organizations in the DC region who imparted their insight and wisdom about the performing arts industry. Those featured were Maria Manuela Goyanes, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company’s; Eric Schaeffer, Signature Theatre; Molly Smith, Arena Stage; Ryan Rilette, Round House Theatre; and Chil Kong, Adventure Theatre. These stellar professionals answered questions about their careers, their respective theater organizations, insight into the day-to-day running of a theater, changes they have noticed in the industry over the last decades and much more.

This series, and all future ones, can be heard on several podcast platforms: Libsyn, ApplePodcast, Google Podcast, and Spotify.

Embracing Arlington Arts is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the vibrancy and health of arts and culture. Interested supporters are encouraged to “follow” and “like” us on Facebook; and follow us on Twitter.

For more information, contact Janet Kopenhaver at



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