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Embracing Arlington Arts Releases 2022 Report of Successes

(Arlington, VA) – The non-profit organization Embracing Arlington Arts (EAA) just released it 2022 Annual Report of Successes. “We were so excited about how much we were able to accomplish in 2022, especially with respect to our goal of building a performing arts center in Arlington,” stated Janet Kopenhaver, EAA President. “Top of the list, and many thanks to a contribution by Amazon, we released the in-depth business plan of how the theater would be managed once it is up and running,” she added.

Among some of the other highlights of the organization’s work was the release of the revised (so no study would be more than five years old) “Health Benefits of the Arts” database library of 100 accredited studies on these benefits on different population sectors, the launch of its fourth educational podcast series focusing on the role of theaters in the racial justice discussions, the  airing of weekly podcasts featuring artists and arts professionals talking about their openings or other events, and hosting a “Meet and Greet” networking event for arts organization representatives to explore new venue opportunities and potential collaborations (with many coming to fruition following the event).

“We will be aggressively continuing our work on the performing arts center in 2023, as well as revamping our website, social media outlets and media outreach campaigns,” Kopenhaver advised. The organization will also be releasing its third edition of the “Health Benefits of the Arts” library database next month, as well as hosting another networking event in the spring.

Embracing Arlington Arts is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance the vibrancy and health of arts and culture in Arlington through advocacy and awareness programs, outreach initiatives and projects that enhance equitable access to the arts and cultural environment. Interested supporters are encouraged to “follow” and “like” us on Facebook; and follow us on Twitter.

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