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Embracing Arlington Arts sent the letter below to the Arlington County Board, as well as the results of the State of the Arts Survey Results survey and the Arts Recovery in Arlington: Partnership Suggestions for the Arlington County Board.

December 8, 2020

Dear Members of the Arlington County Board,

On behalf of the artist and arts organizations in Arlington County, I am forwarding to you the results of a recent “State of the Arts” survey Embracing Arlington Arts conducted, with input from 100% of the arts organizations in the County. As you are aware, individual artists and the overall arts and culture industry is being badly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown due to the inability to offer live and in-person performances and events. The survey details several impacts including layoffs and furloughs, loss of income, anticipated “reopening” dates and more.

However, we are proud to also point out that these artists and arts organizations have continued their generous assistance giving back to the community and its residents in so many ways. Examples are highlighted on the last page of the survey.

We also are sending you another document entitled “Arts Recovery in Arlington: Partnership Suggestions for the Arlington County Board” that we are asking you as the County Board, in cooperation with our County Manager Mark Schwartz and his staff, to consider. This offers a multitude of suggestions of ways that we all can partner together to help keep artists and arts organizations in business and as healthy as possible when we get to the other side of this pandemic. We all can agree that the arts have been and will continue to be a critical component of our healing, our sanity, our quality of life and our overall well-being as together we fight this virus and protect our citizens.

Thank you in advance of your assistance and I, the Embracing Arlington Arts Board of Directors, artists, and arts and culture industry stand ready to answer any questions you might have about the attached.


Janet Kopenhaver, President, Embracing Arlington Arts

Cc:         Arlington County Manager Mark Schwartz

                Deputy Arlington County Manager Shannon Flanagan-Watson



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