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Embracing Arlington Arts Launches Three Year Strategic Plan

 (Arlington, VA) – The non-profit organization Embracing Arlington Arts recently released a 3-year Strategic Plan (EAA 2021-2023 Strategic Plan). “As we enter this critical winter, spring and even early summer when few arts organizations will be able to restart their earning revenue activities, the role of Embracing Arlington Arts as a resource, leader, educator, and facilitator is even more pronounced and critical,” explained Janet Kopenhaver, the organization’s president. “Therefore, it was necessary for us to prioritize initiatives and identify those that can most help artists and arts organizations through the development of our own strategic plan,” added Kopenhaver.

Embracing Arlington Arts aims to keep supporting and highlighting these artists and organizations through weekly podcasts, identification of financial assistance, reopening guidance, marketing events, arranging for experts to address the groups, and more. The organization also pledges to keep educating government leaders and the corporate sector about the importance of supporting the arts and culture industry.

The plan is comprised of four primary goals:

Goal #1: Build the case for proving that the arts are central and beneficial in three sectors (seniors, disabled and students) of our community by developing and publicizing a database of studies, anecdotes, and data.

Goal #2: Embracing Arlington Arts is an effective arts advocate with more resources and with a recognized broad base of grassroots support.

Goal #3: Embracing Arlington Arts’ proposed recommendations are adopted by County decisionmakers.

Goal #4: Public-private partnership is obtained in support of a new performing arts/black box venue.

“Several strategies will be pursued to attain these goals,” Kopenhaver stated. “One of the primary initiatives is to compile a comprehensive database, along with testimonials and anecdotes, about the benefits of arts and culture on three sectors of our community: seniors, students and the disabled. We are seeking personal stories so please contact us if you want to share,” she concluded.

Embracing Arlington Arts wants to thank the Arlington Community Foundation for supporting our Strategic Plan project. Without their assistance, it might not have been possible.

Embracing Arlington Arts is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance the vibrancy and health of arts and culture. Interested supporters are encouraged to “follow” and “like” us on Facebook; and follow us on Twitter.

Arlington Community Foundation is the local home for individuals, businesses and organizations in Arlington to carry out their charitable giving. The Foundation’s general funds – supported by contribution from community members – improve and strengthen the community in and around Arlington though grants made to local nonprofit organizations and scholarships awarded to local students. Interested supporters are encourage to “follow” and “like” the organization on Facebook; and follow on Twitter.

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