Annual Report of Successes 2021


Embracing Arlington Arts Annual Report of Successes – 2021

During 2021, Embracing Arlington Arts (EAA) was extremely busy and achieved numerous successes to meet its mission to advance the vibrancy and health of the arts and culture in Arlington through advocacy and awareness programs, outreach initiatives and projects that enhance equitable access to the arts and cultural environment. The onset of the pandemic and shutdown made our work even more critical for arts organizations. Our efforts would not be possible without the generous support of our corporate sponsors and individual donations. Here are some details:

● In order to assist arts organizations remain “relevant” during this shutdown, the podcast show “Embracing Arlington Arts Talks” continued airing new episodes every week. Guests included artists, actors, theater leaders, arts dignitaries, gallery directors, dancers, musicians and more.

● During 2021 much progress was made on plans for the building of a quality and flexible black box theater in Arlington, and work has begun developing and draft a professional business plan to be completed during the first quarter of 2022.

● Embracing Arlington Arts launched its third Theater/Arts Management Education series. The latest series features three distinguished researchers from George Mason University who provided updates on the latest research about the health benefits of the arts, especially for seniors, students/children and Veterans.

● The organization for the third year in a row underwrote a subscription to enable arts organizations in Arlington to publish one column during the year on ArlNow for FREE to help publicize and market their opening, productions, organizations, etc. This unique opportunity allowed them to reach over 400,000 online readers monthly.

● The “Embracing Arlington Arts Talks” podcast achieved a phenomenal 10,000 downloads since its inception in 2019.  

● The organization released a “one-stop” library database of 100 links to studies that provide evidence of the health benefits of the arts. The database is broken down into five community sectors (Medically Disabled, Physically Disabled, Seniors, Students/Children, and Veterans), with five links for each of four art therapy genres (dance, music, theater/drama and visual arts).

● Our monthly Update continued to be sent out to over 1,500 readers that reports on the arts industry, includes a calendar of events to help arts organizations market their happenings, initiatives our organization is pursuing, details about podcasts, and much more.

● We received a grant from the Nora Roberts Foundation to host a “Diversity Chat with Michael Bobbitt”  – a leading voice in diversity for the arts industry. Over thirty attendees participated and many afterwards noted it was the best diversity chat they listened to so far.

● In order to highlight benefits of the arts, as well as bring more visibility to arts organizations, EAA was very effective in achieving media coverage throughout the year. The organization also remains active on social media.

● Members of the EAA Board of Directors have spoken to a number of groups and at several events to tout the importance of, and advocate for the arts, including civic associations, County Board meetings, County staff meetings and other Advisory Committees.

● The organization achieved a 30% increase in visitors to the website compared to 2020, and increased facebook “likes” and “follows” by over 25%.

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