Media Hits – 2020

December 2020

We received coverage of our “State of the Arts” survey which clearly proved the devastating impact the pandemic has had on the arts and culture industry. InsideNova published a story about the grim results. ArlNow also covered the story, including graphs, as well as details about how the arts organizations have been greatly helping the community despite the shutdown.

October 2020

ArlNow published a column about the Embracing Arlington Arts “Diversity and Cultural Equity podcast series. Broadway World also published two stories on the series with the first about the BIPOC leading voices interviews, and the second about the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion expert discussions in response to the BIPOC demands.

August 2020

The Arlington Chamber of Commerce published our blog about our upcoming diversity and cultural equity series.

Embracing Arlington Arts published a Community Post column in ArlNow acknowledging the generous support of our corporate sponsors during this current year.

July 2020

BroadwayWorld published an article about an “Embracing Arlington Arts Talks” podcast interview with the Artistic Director of Arena Stage – one of the leading theater companies in the DC region.

Embracing Arlington Arts published a Community Post column with ArlNow announcing the organization’s upcoming podcast series entitled “Diversity and Cultural Equity: On Stage, in the Audience and in the Boardrooms.”

June 2020

InsideNova published a story on the questionnaire and responses from the three Arlington County Board candidates on the arts and culture industry in Arlington. ArlNow also linked to our Press Release about the survey responses.

Embracing Arlington Arts also published a Community Post column on our work on behalf of all northern Virginia arts organizations by serving as the voice to the Governor’s office on the reopening of Virginia.

May 2020

ArlNow posted a column submitted by Embracing Arlington Arts thanking all the Arlington Arts organizations who are “keeping the lights on” and helping us all stay sane during this shutdown.

April 2020

The Washington Post published a Letter to the Editor from the Embracing Arlington Arts Treasurer Robert Goler about how the organization is helping Arlington arts organizations and artists through this COVID-19 crisis through weekly ZOOM “support group” calls where we swap intelligence, discuss the shutdown, ways to keep in front of audiences and hear from experts in several important focus areas listed on our COVID-19 Resources page.

The organization submitted a Community Post column published by ArlNow about the many initiatives the organization is putting in place to assist and help artists and arts organizations cope and remain healthy during t he COVID-19 crisis.

An OpEd column written by Janet Kopenhaver, the Embracing Arlington Arts president, saluting artists and arts organizations for “keeping the lights on” and helping heal our community during the COVID-19 crisis was published by the Washington Post.

The Embracing Arlington Arts President Janet Kopenhaver wrote a blog for the Arlington Chamber of Commerce that detailed the many ways (on top of financial support) in which our corporate sector can help non-profit arts organizations. The blog was especially relevant during the shutdown that is seriously and negatively impacting our arts and culture industry so drastically.

Janet Kopenhaver was the featured guest on the Stagecraft radio show and podcast with Alex Vidales and Don Zientara to talk about such things as dearth of performing arts venues in Arlington, new lobbying strategy for the arts nationwide, how theater has been changing over the years, biggest surprise about fundraising and so much more!

Broadway World also published a story on the many initiatives Embracing Arlington Arts is embarking on to help keep the arts healthy and strong during the COVID-19 crisis.

March 2020

Embracing Arlington Arts launched its one-of-a-kind “Theater/Arts Management Education” podcast series, as a component of the weekly Podcast show “Embracing Arlington Arts Talks. The Press Release announcing the launch was anounced in several media outlets, including Broadway World.

February 2020

As a member of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce, Embracing Arlington Arts’ President submitted a blog for posting on the Chamber’s website and in their newsletter. The submission focused on the positive economic impact the arts have in Arlington. To read the blog, follow this link.

January 2020

Embracing Arlington Arts published its annual holiday poem in a Community Post column in ArlNow. Although good hearted in nature, the poem focused on the serious dearth of performing arts venues in Arlington County.

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