Media Hits

Embracing Arlington Arts has an active media outreach program that has resulted in several “hits” in local media sources.

April 2017

Our Press Release was covered by InsideNova about the positive economic impact the arts have on Arlington County.

June 2017

Embracing Arlington Arts released Press Releases on the new economic impact numbers on the arts in Arlington; and the second on the establishment of Embracing Arlington Arts. It was picked up by ArlNow.

November 2017

The organization had a Community Post column published that discussed the 2nd Annual Celebration of the Arts in Arlington and thanked our scores of restaurant and financial sponsors. It can be read at this link.

December 2017

Second Lady Karen Pence was a guest on the Embracing Arlington Arts radio show and it was picked up in several media outlets, including ArlNow (can be found here and here).

January 2018

Embracing Arlington Arts’ Founder and President Janet Kopenhaver was invited to be the guest on an ArlNow podcast to talk about our non-profit organization, the arts in Arlington, challenges for venue space, and lots more. The podcast can be heard here.

February 2018

It was an honor to be asked to draft the first “Progressive Voices” column in ArlNow under the leadership of two new writers of that column. It focused on the many positive impacts the arts have on so many sectors of our community, and the points were made more impactful by including quotes from Arlingtonians personally helped by the arts. To read the column, follow this link.

August 2018

Embracing Arlington Arts, in partnership with Arlington Independent Media, hosted a County Board Candidate Forum on the Arts in Arlington last month. It was a standing room only crowd of very energetic arts supporters. The candidates discussed the arts and it was uplifting to hear both for them stress the importance and positive impact the arts have in Arlington. To watch the forum in its entirety, click here.

September 2018

Two media outlets picked up our story about the Arts County Board Candidate Forum. InsideNova covered the upcoming event in this story. ArlNow did a story following the event which can be found here.

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